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My name is Sloane Dakota Tucker. I make a lot of dad jokes, binge watch k-dramas, and I’m a professional third wheel.*

*wedding photographer

Another (totally unnecessary thing) you should know about me is that I’m obsessed with middle names. My parents came up with this crazy name for me, and so I’m constantly nosy about what everyone else's middle name is. I love middle names so much that they’re featured in my business name AND my pricing packages.

On to the facts: I spent most of my life (and the start of my career) living in the greater Washington, DC area, where I got my Bachelor's at George Washington U. Guess what I studied? Spoiler alert: photography. Now I reside in the Hudson Valley of New York (specifically: Beacon). I guess the mountains called to me.

Other things: I love dogs. I will yell "PUPPY!" at every dog sighting, no matter what, where, or when. I like modern art museums, grocery shopping (yes. grocery shopping.), bread of all shapes and sizes, drinking a single cup of coffee for hours...and alone time. My Meyers-Briggs is INTP, so I'm more about that one-on-one, insightful conversation.

I don’t take myself super seriously, because what I do for a living is FUN. So if you’re looking for a photographer that just wants to have a good time with you on your wedding day, get in touch, whatcha waiting for??



On a brief serious note: I chose a life of photography because I know that everyone, no matter who you are, is fascinating and interesting and has a compelling story to tell. I think photography is one of the most honest ways to do so. If you agree, I’d love to tell your story.