photos by Hannah Yoest

photos by Hannah Yoest

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm (Slo)ane (Dak)ota Tucker. I'm currently based out of Washington, D.C. I'm what I call an "extroverted introvert," so I love meeting new clients and collaborators, but I also have a serious obsession with being home or at a coffee shop by myself. Even though I'm based in DC, I have a deep love for travel. I've been fortunate to have a family that has traveled with me to Southern Asia, multiple countries in Europe, and South Africa.

I love dogs and make a lot of funny faces, which is very important to know.

Above all else, I wish to photograph as many people as possible. The process of collaborating and working together with subjects of my work is a relationship I'm constantly searching for. I also have a long-time love for film, or analog photography, which is an aspect of my personal work that I try to incorporate into my commercial and professional fields as best as I can. 

I have education from both high school and college studying fine art photography. I have also had the privilege of working with District locals on creative content as well as various professional freelancers. They say experience is the best teacher! I've been studying photography itself since 2011.