The following bodies of work are various series from my time fulfilling assignments toward a BFA with a photography concentration. 


Project Babel

In the bible book of Genesis, an ancient civilization that spoke one tongue wanted to make a tower that reached the heavens in order to make a celebrated name for themselves. God stopped the project in its tracks by confusing the tongues of all the citizens, thus creating what we now know as languages.

    Multiple languages have been spoken by many and by few. But one language seems to be conquering the rest -- English. It’s required curricular, become a necessity for ease of travel, and the English language is a colony within itself.

    In the spreading of English, its influence hasn’t been able to cause other languages to go extinct, resulting in a large population of multilingualism. In a cultural metropolis such as Washington, DC, many of its residents have roots in other countries, including other languages. As a result, their sense of cultural self is dynamic and differing from person to person. The Babel project aims to introduce you to a fraction of this unique populace and tell you their stories about culture, self, and simply speaking.




This project was created with a goal of anonymity and removal of identity in mind. This was achieved by taking away the most identifiable part of the human body -- the face.




This video collage was a simple introduction into the art of video editing itself. I chose to create a visual and auditory narrative surroundings the beginnings and endings of love, featuring a cinematic theme. 



1351 H

As part of a video montage assignment, this video tells the story (without words) of a popular new neighborhood retail space/Taiwanese restaurant/coffee house called Maketto.